The Eudunda Community, Business and Tourism Committee (ECBAT) run this community calendar to help promote the district and foster co-operation both within the district and with neighbouring districts.

If you have an event that relates to this area and you would like to add it here, please do.
The aim it to try get everyone to add their events so that those planning new ones might see better what will work for that day, to be able to chose the best day and time to run their event and have the best chance of success. Some planning an event may even change when they had planned to another date if they feel that it will enhance both events, and will hopefully contact the other event to develop cross-promotion.

Our main website is the web portal, and you can find out more about ECBAT at the website. We are always looking for new members and help to improve the local community.

The Calendar is maintained by Web South – a local computer business who is keen about helping ECBAT to help the region and they can help you with website design and hosting, computer service and much more.